What Is an Off-grid Solar System?

What Is an Off-grid Solar System?

Off-grid Solar Systems

The off-grid solar system is a self-contained system, meaning that with such a system you can meet all your electricity needs without having to go through the grid. The benefit is that you will never again be plagued by poor grid quality, sudden power outages or have to worry about expensive electricity prices. You can add peace of mind to your life with a green, safe and clean energy source.

Residential Off-grid Solar Systems

The residential off-grid solar system is a very practical system, which greatly saves the daily expenses.

In general, off-grid solar systems will be equipped with energy storage batteries as a backup source of energy to continue providing power when the sun's light is weak or absent, and during the night.

​An off-grid solar system goes to work with a battery to power your appliances when the sun rises. Typically, you are away from home during the day at work and use fewer appliances. As the sun's rays slowly become stronger, the solar system produces more energy than your appliances need, and this excess energy can then be channeled into storage batteries to recharge them. You return home from work as the sun slowly sets and start using more appliances, so the evening is peak time for household electricity usage. At that time, the battery is fully charged and sufficient to meet the power requirements of using more appliances.

All night power needs are met by energy storage batteries. Ideally, no energy is wasted and power needs can be met, which means the entire system has to be built around your power needs. To achieve this,you not only have to choose a storage battery with a capacity equal to the electricity usage, but also the photovoltaic panels and inverters that can generate power to match the battery. Solar systems are not cheap, but choosing the right one can save you a lot of money.

If the system does not have energy storage batteries, a lot of solar energy will be wasted. Often, people do not stay home in the afternoon when solar energy is most abundant, and by the time they get home, it's already evening without sunlight. So storage batteries are a very important part of meeting the self-sufficiency of off-grid systems.

​If you want to deal with cloudy days, rainy days, and other situations where the solar power is not sufficient and the power grid is down, it is also necessary to have a backup battery on hand. It can be used as a backup energy source to power your home in extreme situations and keep your appliances running.

In general, a solar energy system which is equipped with energy storage battery is very important.

Complete Off-grid Solar Systems

​A complete off-grid solar system has components such as photovoltaic panels, charge controllers, inverters, and batteries to power you while these main components are running. Not only does it save your wallet, it also protects the environment!

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