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  • Safety: IP65 protection level for reliable operation
  • Friendly: Compact design for small spaces and modular stacking
  • Reliability: Long life cycle and 95% battery roundtrip efficiency
  • Monitoring: Real-time monitoring and remote contral
  • Warranty: 12 years Warranty
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Friendly with existing PV system

Up to 4 battery modules stackable, 20kWh each system and 4 system in parallel to achieve max 80kWh Energy Storage System. Meet all needs of household, power the entire home.

Real-time monitoring

Not only A1-ESS G2 is capable to smartly power the entire house, customers are able to only connect essential loads to A1-ESS G2 and control on smart devices as needed. Also could be achieved flexible home backup energy by generator.

A1-ESS G2 ultra-thin design

Simply install 1 system, smartly power whole home.
We offer ALL-IN-ONE system for America market to classifies home loads to prioritize essential loads to meet customers' needs. Moreover, customers can control the home appliances remotely, no matter to heat the water before getting home, or to turn off the AC when you are out.

IP65 high rating waterproof

The high level of waterproof capability allows the battery to be safely placed outdoors and can be operated normally even in rainstorms, ensuring worry-free power consumption.

Modular Stacking Design

The plug-in terminals securely connect each module together, eliminating wiring work and allowing for quick installation and plug & play.

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Specifications of SOLAX A1 ESS G2

T-BAT-SYS-HV-5.0 T-BAT H 10.0 T-BAT H 15.0 T-BAT H 20.0
Battery type 100Ah Lithium (LFP) 100Ah Lithium (LFP) 100Ah Lithium (LFP)
Component TBMS-MCS60060 + 2*TP-HS50 TBMS-MCS60060 + 3*TP-HS50 TBMS-MCS60060 + 4*TP-HS50
Voltage [V] 102.4 153.6 204.8
Operating voltage range [V] 90 - 116 135 - 174 180 - 232
Total energy [kWh] 10 15 20
Usable energy [kWh]


13.5 18
Battery roundtrip e ciency [%]


95% 95%
Maximum power [kW]


8.3 11.1
Maximum charge / discharge current [A]


54 54
Cycle life (90% DOD)

6000 cycles

6000 cycles 6000 cycles

12 years

12 years 12 years


Can I add battery as energy storage in the future?

Yes, actually string inverters doesn't have battery management unit integrated. SolaX provides a string inverter + retro-fit + battery storage solution, which makes it possible to extend battery storage to existing string inverter system.

Why do we have to use Solax lithium-ion battery only?

With our battery, we can provide extra 5 years, total 10 years, warranty for Hybrid inverter and battery. To provide more stable system for customer.

Can I use other brand's battery?

For Lithium-ion battery, only SolaX battery supports. For Lead-acid battery, there is no brand limitation, but has requirement of voltage range.

How does the inverter distribute PV energy between grid, loads and battery?


Self-use mode: 1.Loads 2.Battery 3.Grid;

Feed-in mode: 1.Loads 2.Grid 3.Battery

Back-up mode: 1.Loads 2.Battery 3.Grid


loads only

What is maximum recommanded length between battery and inverters

5m, Solax supply 5m battery cables.

Can I make the cable myself for the battery connection instead of the Solax provided cable?

we don't recommand use other power cable for the batteries connection for the safety reason.

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